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Fighting for Russia against the New World Order.

We are run from east, west, north, south. We are non-profit and not controlled by any government.

We believe that Russia is the counterbalance to the globalist hegemonic agenda, the New World Order, lead by the entrenched and insane US establishment, and which is blindly followed by its Western vassal states.

Whilst Russia strives for a multi-polar world, where the sovereignty and dignity of the nation state is respected in accordance with international law, the US, and its puppet “allies” work tirelessly to undermine, to utterly destroy the nation state, in order to construct their sick and perverse fantasy of a world under US domination.

Russia Truth on Facebook

The Russia Truth page was created in 2014, it quickly gained popularity and at its peak was getting approximately five thousand likes per week, to reach 142k followers. However, since Facebook (along with the other tech giants) began shadow banning alternative media pages in 2017, the page’s reach has been stifled, although still presently at 137k likes (as of June 2019).

The page is maintained by a small but dedicated group of volunteers, from Russia, UK, Serbia, Ireland, Germany and Mexico.

Russia Truth - Anti-NWO | Pro-Russia (

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